Hutchison Enterprises, LLC is owned and operated by Rich Hutchison. Our offices are located in Amsterdam, OH with resources spread across the country.

We provide high-quality editorial services to publishers, full-service vendors, and other editorial service providers involved in the production of K-12 and college textbooks, ancillaries, and technology products.

Subject Areas

  1. -K-12 mathematics

  2. -K-12 science

  3. -College mathematics (algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics)


  1. -Writing

  2. -Editing

  3. -Review (pre-pub and post-pub)

  4. -Correlating

  5. -Answer/accuracy checking

  6. -Project management


  1. -Student editions

  2. -Teacher editions

  3. -Solutions manuals

  4. -Test prep/practice books

  5. -Computerized assessment banks (ExamView)